Reason to be mandated for Reindenting

With this release, we have introduced reason capture for re-indents. This is to improve shipment re-indent analysis. Users can select from a dropdown at the time of issuing a re-indent. The following options would be available:

  • Lack of truck availability
  • carrier unresponsiveness
  • requesting rate renegotiation. 
  • Custom field (15-60 characters) would also be available. 

For shipments re-indented multiple times, all reasons and timestamps would be recorded. The reason for overriding a re-indent, the user triggering the re-indent (if applicable), and the reason for an automatic re-indent due to SLA breach would also be captured.

Vehicle number availability from FMS

With this release we've Improved delivery planning in Optima by introducing an integration with Fleet Management Systems (FMS) to get real-time vehicle arrival estimates. This will improve the accuracy of planning simulations and optimize truck usage. Users can also manually fetch ETAs for depots if integration fails.

Wallet enhancement: Shipper users can now enter comments

With this release, wallet entry settlements now allow users to add comments (up to 150 words) explaining the reason for settlement. This improves transparency for both shippers and transporters and helps understand past decisions. Comments are optional and won't affect the settlement process itself.

Material Package Mapping Master : Ability to overwrite/delete existing

The material package mapping tool now allows you to specify how you want to update mappings during bulk uploads. Add "Append" to add a new package type for a material, or "Update" to remove existing mappings and set a single active package type. This ensures data accuracy and gives you more control over managing package-material relationships.

Business division field in Documents tab

With this release, you can now filter materials in the documents tab by their "Business Division". This helps shippers using multiple business divisions easily find relevant materials.  LE and LR clients will see a combined view with "Division" followed by "Business Division" for each material. No extra configuration is needed, and the grouping will only appear if the "Business Division" field has data.