The following changes have been introduced in this release: 

  • Support for Freight unit, vehicle number planning and more in Delivery Planning and Optimization 

    • Percentage of invoice value as a new freight unit: 
      In this release, we have introduced an important enhancement to the Optima Core logic. We have incorporated new logic to support the New Freight Unit, which now calculates charges based on a percentage of the invoice value. This enhancement is designed to provide a more flexible and accurate way of managing rates within the system.

    • Input construction changes based on Freight zone: 
      We are introducing an enhancement related to input construction. We have made changes that are based on Freight Zone, allowing for more precise and adaptable input management within the application. Users can map pin Code to Freight zone via upload and UI. This allows. 

    • Vehicle number level planning for dedicated trucks. 
      In this release, we are excited to introduce a significant core change in the way planning for dedicated trucks is managed. We have implemented a feature that allows for planning at the vehicle number level, specifically designed for dedicated trucks, enhancing your ability to optimize operations. 

    • Core changes for Freight Zone 
      In this release, we've made significant core changes to Optima Core's Freight Zone module. These updates are designed to improve the performance and functionality of Freight Zone operations. 

    • New API and Upload to support receiving order data and customer data for Last Mile  
      This release brings new API and upload functionalities to facilitate the management of Last Mile operations. These additions enable the seamless handling of receiving order data and customer information, enhancing your Last Mile experience. 
  • New integration support for 3PL courier systems and PTL bookings 

In this release, a new payload has been introduced to enhance the update of shipment status for 3PL partners and PTL bookings. This payload offers several significant features. When there is information regarding courier bookings, the system will readily share the booking status; otherwise, it will revert to using the indent tracking status as a default. The payload can be triggered by a variety of events, including LR Number updates facilitated by user input, interactions with the ERP API, actions related to courier bookings, as well as the retrieval of courier tracking data and bulk data. The supported shipment status categories have been streamlined to include "Dispatched," "Delivery Pending," and "Delivered." 

  • BlueDart — Create and Cancel Booking APIs 

In this release, we've brought in enhancements targeted at optimizing BlueDart courier shipments— for creating and cancelling bookings. This is limited to booking-related actions and to generating and cancelling WayBills. It is also supported for multiple movement types, covering both Forward (Primary and Secondary) and Reverse (Return) actions. 

  • Courier LR Booking cancelation details to be reflected in UI 

In this release, we aim to resolve this issue by enhancing the UI to display details of canceled Courier LR bookings in the Indent Slider.

  • Mobile App 

    In this release, we've implemented critical API changes to ensure that Transporter users are prompted to upgrade their mobile app whenever a new version is available. We're now collecting version information via a new API, and the app upgrade process will be initiated from the Splash screen.  

    Additionally, we've introduced new password parameters for the Transporter portal, similar to those already in place for the shipper portal. This includes the ability to reset the password during the first login after the password is generated during account creation, a feature applicable to both new and existing users. Password reset now triggers the generation of a new password for Transporters, which must be entered on the login screen to initiate the password reset process, aligning with the behaviour of the Consignee app. 
  • Transporter App 

We've introduced password parameters for the Transporter portal, mirroring those already available in the Shipper portal. These parameters include the ability to reset the password during the first login after it's generated during account creation, a feature that applies to both new and existing users. This reset action triggers the creation of a new password for Transporters, which they must input on the login screen to initiate the password reset process, following the behavior of the Consignee app.