Pando works constantly to improve the experience across all our Product suites. For the month of April ‘23, here’s a summary of all the changes we are rolling out:

Capturing indent approvals through audit logs and other changes under Core Fulfilment

  • Approver details captured in the audit log report 

The scope of the audit log report has now been expanded to include capturing details about users taking action on indent status. The audit log report maintains a record trail whenever a user moves the indent status from delivery pending to delivered. The following details of the user are captured as part of the audit log report:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Mobile number
  • Material Master Integration to support Associated Materials

The upload of associated materials is supported in the Material master. However, these fields are now supported under integration and can be received as a part of API payloads.

Introducing new payment logic for dedicated trucks and other enhancement under Freight Payments

  • Preventing discrepancies in allotment of minimum guaranteed freight rate for dedicated trucks

With this release, the logic for the calculation of minimum guarantee fare for dedicated trucks will be computed on the basis of the delivery status of the indent. Until now, the minimum guarantee was calculated on the basis of all indents dispatched and delivered in a given month through dedicated trucks. However, moving forward, only indents that have been delivered will be considered for calculation.

  • Slab-wise charges at material-level supported

Introducing support for slab-wise charges at a material level. With this release, shippers can maintain slab-wise rates in the contracts according to different weight classes. This is applicable for all 4 movements.

  • Introducing dynamic charges for currency adjustment at an invoice level

With this release, currency adjustment can now be charged by applying a percentage fee which is multiplied by the sum of all the charges in the invoice.

Introducing personalization for Freight Procurement emails

To help shippers with the customization of various auto-triggered emails on a regular basis, the option to edit pre-defined emails that are sent as a part of procurement. The sub-sections will be pre-filled with default text. Users can edit the text and add attachments if needed. These modified email templates can be saved and manually triggered for immediate dispatch of mail or scheduled.

NOTE: The aforementioned releases have been/will be enabled only for accounts that have the SKUs enabled as a part of their plan. To discover whether a release is applicable for your account, please connect with your account admin or write to