Invoice preview changes

Category: Pay module

Availability: All/Select Customers/ Beta

The invoice preview module has been updated to include two new changes:

  1. GTA declaration statement for FCM transporters: In line with the new mandate from the Government of India, transport vendors who opted to pay tax under the forward charges have to provide a declaration statement:

    “I/we have taken registration under the CGST Act, 2017 and have exercised the option to pay tax on services of GTA in relation to transport of goods supplied by us during the Financial Year XXXX-XX under forward charge.”

    This declaration statement is now a part of the invoice footer.

  2. Total invoice amount in words: Until now, the total invoice amount has been displayed in numerical values only. Post release, the amount in words will also be displayed below the figure amount.

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Indent Management

Category: Manage module
Availability: All/Select Customers/ Beta

Users can now update Start load and End load timestamp in the Edit Indent slider. This allows them to pick the time when the loading operations commenced and ended. Earlier, the loading timestamps were updated automatically based on the Start load and End load button. This has now been decoupled.

BDR Enhancement

Category: Manage module
Availability:All/Select Customers/ Beta

The Base Diesel Rate (BDR) feature has now been updated to introduce a few enhancements

  1. New cities supported: New cities have now been added to the reference list:

    1. Gurgaon

    2. Vadodara

    3. Bengaluru 

    4. Jaipur

  2. New columns supported: Existing backend configurations for the BDR payload have been retained. However, support for 3 new columns have been introduced in the BDR master.

    1. Min BDR threshold: The minimum change threshold in percentage or absolute across which the comparison for the diesel rate occurs. It is a mandatory field.

    2. Rate factor: The percentage of the diesel component of the base freight on 

which the updated rate will get impacted. It is a mandatory field.

  1. Max BDR Factor: The maximum change threshold in percentage or absolute across which the comparison for the diesel rate occurs. It is a non-mandatory 


This will also be reflected in the bulk upload.