During a freight auction, shippers work towards collecting additional information and accessorial charges from a vendor to help arrive at a well-informed decision while awarding the contract to vendors. This includes various various handling requirements and accessorial charges that will be incurred before arriving at the overall freight cost for a given shipment. Using event parameters, a shipper can create fields for capturing all such information and make it available for the vendor to fill while bidding on the contract. 


There are two types of event parameters that can be created by the Shipper: 

  • Lane Information: Refers to the specific information that needs to submitted for the lane. For example, a weekly schedule for the ocean liner or fleet strength of the road network.
  • Charges: Refers to accessorial charges that will apply for the shipment. For example, Terminal handling charges, Fuel Surcharges or Drayage charges for spot contracts can be created as accessorial charges and maintained under event parameters. 

Accessing Event Parameters in Pando

To access the list of all event parameters in Pando, go to > PROCURE and select EVENT PARAMETERS from the drop down. This brings up the list of all fields that are currently available on your Pando account.

Creating a Event parameter in Pando  

Pando enables shippers to create event parameters in bulk through XLSX uploads. Click the dropdown and download the Sample format file. This file contains all the fields—mandatory and optional— in the format that needs to be uploaded. Add the event parameter fields values to this file and upload it back to Pando by clicking Upload and selecting the updated file. 

Once the upload is completed, you will be presented with the Success notification that indicates the completion of the operation and the number of records that have been created and the ones that have been rejected.  

To identify the files that have failed and to understand the reason behind their failure, click
. This downloads the rejection list. The rejection list file contains the reason for rejection of a record. Fix the reason behind the import failure and upload the file back to Pando to finish uploading all event parameters into Pando.

Field Glossary

(Fields marked * are mandatory)




The mode of the shipment. Choose between Air, Road, Ocean.



Select the type of event parameter the details are being filled for— 

  • Charges
  • Lane Info

Event Type*

Select the event type for which the event parameters apply— 

  • Spot
  • RFQ Long Term
  • Reverse Auction
Delivery Type*

Select the delivery type for which the event parameters apply—  

  • FTL
  • PTL
  • FCL
  • LCL
  • Cargo
  • Courier
  • Commercial
Contract Type

Select the delivery type for which the contract type applies—  

  • Per Trip 
  • Per KG 
  • Per CFT 
  • Per Case 
  • Per Container 
  • Per KM 
  • Per MT 
  • Per Month


The name assigned to the event parameter field.