EMD, short for Earnest Money Deposit refers to token advances placed by the vendor with the shipper to qualify for an auction. The EMD tracker in Pando helps create an EMD code that allows shippers to identify and add vendors that have qualified for participating in the auction.
Accessing EMD tracker in Pando 

To access the list of all EMD trackers in Pando, go to > PROCURE and select EMD TRACKER from the drop down. This brings up the list of all EMD trackers that are currently available on your Pando account. 


Creating an EMD in Pando 


  1. To create an EMD code individually, click the button. This brings up the NEW MMD EVENT slider.

  2. Fill in the EMD code and the amount to be deposited to qualify.  

  3. Select the mode from the dropdown. You can select between— Ocean, Road, and Air.  

  4. Click and create the EMD tracker.  


To understand details about all fields that are covered under EMD master, check the Field Glossary.


Field Glossary 

(Fields marked * are mandatory) 



EMD Code 

The code provided for tracking the deposit and associate it with transporters who have made the buy-in to qualify for the auction. 




Choose between one of three modes—Road, Ocean, and Air 


Transporters Submitted 

The number of transporters who have made the submissions and qualified to take part in the auction 


EMD amount 

The limit that has been set at.  



Adding transporters to an EMD event 

Once an EMD code has been created, you can add approved transporters to the tracker by selecting the EMD and selecting the transporter, adding their deposit details, and updating their status.