A Carrier can be defined as the operator of a shipping line or rail road service or a fleet of trucks tasked with the activity of moving goods/containers for the shipper to designated locations. The Carrier master in Pando helps maintain all the Carriers who will be contracted with the responsibility to handle and execute shipments for specific lanes.

Accessing Carrier in Pando 

To access the list of all Carriers in Pando, go to > PROCURE and select CARRIER from the drop down. This brings up the list of all Carriers that are currently available on your Pando account. 

Creating a Carrier in Pando 

Pando enables shippers to create Carriers in Bulk. Click the dropdown and download the Sample format file. This file contains all the fields—mandatory and optional— in the format that needs to be uploaded. Add the Carrier fields values to this file and upload it back to Pando by clicking Upload and selecting the updated file. 

Once the upload is completed, you will be presented with the Success notification that indicates the completion of the operation and the number of records that have been created and the ones that have been rejected. 

To identify the files that have failed and to understand the reason behind their failure, click . This downloads the rejection list. The rejection list file contains the reason for rejection of a record. Fix the reason behind the import failure and upload the file back to Pando to finish uploading all Carriers into Pando. 

To understand details about all fields that are covered under material, check the Field Glossary at the end of the article.


FIELD (Fields marked * are mandatory)




Choose between one of three modes—Road, Ocean, and Air


Carrier Name

Add a name to the carrier. A Carrier is someone who maintains a fleet to move goods for the shipper. 


Carrier Code

Add the carrier code for your carriers. For example, for all ocean liners, a common SCAC code(Standard Carried Alpha Code) can be used. 



Whether the carrier has been approved by the shipper.