A Transporter can be defined as the agency/enterprise tasked with the activity of moving good for the shipper to designated consignees. The Transporter master in Pando helps maintain all the transporters who will be entrusted with the responsibility to handle and execute shipments for specific lanes.  

Accessing Transporter in Pando 

To access the list of all transporters in Pando, go to > PROCURE and select TRANSPORTER from the drop down. This brings up the list of all Transporters that are currently available on your Pando account. 

Creating a Transporter in Pando 

Pando enables shippers to create transporters in one of the following ways: 

  • Individually 
  • In Bulk 


  1. To create a Transporter individually, click the button. This brings up the NEW TRANSPORTER slider.  
  2. Fill in relevant details and click . This creates a new transporter on Pando.

To understand details about all fields that are covered under material, check the Field Glossary at the end of the article. 


You can create transporters in bulk by uploading them in an .xlsx file. Click the dropdown and download the Sample format file. This file contains all the fields—mandatory and optional— in the format that needs to be uploaded. Add the transporter fields values to this file and upload it back to Pando by clicking Upload and selecting the updated file. 

Once the upload is completed, you will be presented with the Success notification that indicates the completion of the operation and the number of records that have been created and the ones that have been rejected. 

To identify the files that have failed and to understand the reason behind their failure, click . This downloads the rejection list. The rejection list file contains the reason for rejection of a record. Fix the reason behind the import failure and upload the file back to Pando to finish uploading all transporters into Pando. 


(Fields marked * are mandatory)




Add a name to the transporter. A transporter is someone who maintains a fleet of vehicles that can help move goods for the shipper.


Reference ID*

Provide a Reference ID / name code that will help with identification of the transporter in the system. This Reference ID is likely to be unique to your organization and business process. This is the ID your team is likely to be trained on and would be familiar with.


Email IDs

Provide the email id of the transporter's user


User Name

Provide the name of the transporter's user



Whether the transporter already has an incumbent contract with shipper or is a newly added transporter.



Denote if the transporter is accepted to participate in auctions or blacklisted.



The cities that the transporter operates in and can provide service to. The validation is carried out based on the list configured in the masters and can be picked from the dropdown.