The Master Data Manager is a one-stop dashboard from where master records can be uploaded to Pando. It serves as the database from which all critical business data such as Transporters, Rates, Vehicle types can be uploaded to Pando. 

The Master Data Manager now has a central dashboard screen which allows users to get an overview of all masters that are supported on their Pando account. It also allows users to upload records from the page and also stay on top of completed and rejected uploads.

Uploading a record through the Master Data Manager

Pando enables shippers to upload records in one of the following ways—Individually & Bulk. Files that have been created in an .xlsx format are supported for bulk upload. Users can use the Master Data Manager to upload data in bulk.

Here’s how:

  1. Click the Upload button on the Master Data Management page. 

  2. This opens the Upload History page where you can find all past master uploads. This page maintains a record of all past uploads and rejections across all masters.

  3. To upload records for a specific master, say, Materials, click the Upload New Master button. This creates a new row for master upload. Create multiple rows to upload multiple masters at the same time.

  4. Click the dropdown on the Masters column to select the Master you would like to upload. 

    You can also opt between multiple options to upload when uploading a master. For example, when you are creating 
    Materials, you can opt between Materials and Associate Materials to upload.

  5. Next, download the Sample file. This file contains all the fields— mandatory and optional— in the format that needs to be uploaded. 

  6. Add the field values to sample format file and upload it back to Pando by clicking  and selecting the updated file. 

Once the upload is initiated, you will be presented with an  notification. Once the upload is complete, you will be presented with the number of records that have been rejected. 

To identify the files that have failed and to understand the reason behind their failure, click the Rejection List file. This file contains the reason for rejection of a record. Fix the reason behind the import failure and upload the file back to Pando to finish uploading all records into Pando.